A Photo Apps platform
for easy Distribution,
Sales Billing & Invoicing,
and Royalty Tracking & Payments
& support for Xero™

What is Shotwire?

Shotwire™ is a collection of App solutions designed to accelerate time sensitive photo production workflows. Use one or more of our Apps to augment your organization's workflow for distribution, billing and invoicing, and job royalties tracking and payments. Our billing and royalties tracking solutions currently support Xero™. Let us know if you have other accounting system requirements, a solution may be available.

How it works

Case 1: Upload and distribute time sensitive photos from any location.
Case 2: Archive photos and provide access for clients and staff.
Case 3: Easily Input Sales Billings for clients with automated invoice creation using Xero™.
Case 4: Process paid invoices and itemized sales reports for royalties breakdowns for payments & commissions. Ensure accurate payment splits for royalties and automate itemized royalty payments using Xero™.

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Startup Photo Agency

For the organiztion ready to get up and running ASAP. For startups or agencies ready to begin anew, our core suite of apps will get you started fast!

Enterprise Photo Agency

For established organizations looking to augment existing workflows


Upload and edit photos and video^ from location to clients around the globe in seconds.

Shotwire Web Stream

A brandable web portal for photo agencies and their clients.

Shotwire Billings & Royalties

For organizations looking to automate their billing and invoicing workflows plus the option to instantly track royalty splits and payments.

Custom App Consulting and Development

For organizations that want to maximize value of existing workflow infrastructure

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